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Wealth Strategies (2001) Limited

To provide financial services which are beneficial to our clients: profitably and with integrity

About Us

The 1st May 2001 saw the launch of our financial practice Wealth Strategies (2001) Limited. The structure of our business was changed to a format which we believe will deliver a better service to our clients.  

“When helping clients realize their financial dreams and providing financial security to them and their families, only our best is good enough” This is the underlying vision adopted by the Wealth Strategies team. Practice Principal Mike Radford says “for the vision to become a reality one must walk the walk and talk the talk. Following best practice must become a way of life.”  

We also offer Southern Cross Health Insurance, CMAC Travel Insurance and Vero General Insurance

Wealth Strategies (2001) Limited offer extended services including portfolio monitoring, reviews of economic as well as fund manager performance and recommendations on future investment strategies.

Wealth Strategies (2001) Limited offers AMP Products, including KIWISAVER. Click here to know more about how to start your KiwiSaver now


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